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Ashley Opoku is an African American Entrepreneur and Blogger from New York City. She is also a Beauty Influencer and Makeup Artist. She founded Akua Ashley blog in 2015 to help women or men navigate beauty or style needs in all Beauty, Fashion, and Makeup. For collaboration or Schedule An Appointment Book/Contact Here >> 


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Akua Ashley is a Certified Stylist, Beauty Consultant and Makeup Artist that provides makeup and beauty services located in New York, NY. Our goal is to help people domestic and internationality all ages achieve their hairstyle and makeup needs. We provide services like skincare facials, 100% virgin human hair, makeup application and free beauty consultation from Mary Kay, Mayvenn Hair. See All Services »

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* All products or samples are sent to me from brands and agencies unless otherwise stated. I use deep links via  (Reward Style/Amazon Affiliate links may be used. Which means that should you buy via the link. I will receive a small percentage of that sale. All posts opinions are 100% mine. Posts are not affiliate driven. * Our Fiduciary Statement »


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A top 10 service located in the heart of the city New York, we provide complimentary services to find your skincare and beauty needs.