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My name is Ashley Opoku and I’m the blogger and entrepreneur of Akua Ashley. I'm African American born and raised in the Bronx, NY with Ghanaian descent. I grew up loving art and always had an artistic side but never had the right the money or resources to be able to create art. I always played with my mother's makeup and dressed in her clothes I found it to be a unique way I expressed my self. I had a wonderful opportunity to complete a course at Parsons School of Design in collaboration with Teen Vogue and later achieved a certification in Fashion Industry Essentials I was so grateful for the opportunity and use it to my advantage to start a blog focused on beauty, fashion, and makeup, but I wanted to better serve people in a way that they will always remember. I decided to take a training and in Service Excellency Hospitality at Cornell University. Now in progress in getting my Bachelors Degree in Business Management (Class of 2019). I always wanted to become a makeup creative editor and artist so I saved and invested in becoming an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant to help pursuit my makeup artistry dream and later I was able to start a virgin hair business becoming a Certified Mayvenn Hair Stylist and Distributor. I cooperate with two businesses together to off clients quality services and high-end merchandises.

Established in 2015, AkuaAshley.com is a blog that helps people of any age find complimentary beauty products, makeup, and products too. Also, help upcoming fashionistas find more information about becoming a fashion entrepreneur. Starting this blog has changed my life completely by allowing me to make extra income doing something I really love.

The blog is co-operated with brands and offer services in makeup located in New York.

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